18 October 2016
100% natural tremella fuciformis - product's photo
$ 185 / per 1 kg.

100% Natural Tremella fuciformis

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Company name
Sichuan Precision Technology Co., Ltd.
Product located
China, Sichuan
Brand name
Product features
Product status
Product type
Packed, Organic
Amount in the package
0.15 kg. per bag
Quantity available
500 ton per 1 months
Shelf life
365 days
Country original
Product description
Tongjiang tremella, edible fungus varieties, Chinese specialty, Chinese national geographical indication products, mainly produced in Tongjiang County of Sichuan province named. Tongjiang is the birthplace of tremella, "Chinese Tremella Xiang, Tongjiang Tremella with its unique quality of thick, tender meat, easy to stew and very high nutritional value and medicinal value enjoy good reputation at home and abroad.

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