01 July
46% prilled urea fertilizer - product's photo
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46% Prilled Urea Fertilizer

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Prilled Urea N 46% Fertilizer, a high-quality product from EMRAHERGUL. LTD. STL, offers exceptional benefits for agricultural needs. Directly from Turkey, our fertilizer boasts a model number of CH4N2O with a weight of 50kg Utilizing advanced GRANULAR technology, it adheres to OEM standards, providing a potent grade of 46%. As prominent Wholesaler and Exporter, our product falls under the Agro & Agriculture category. It serves diverse applications in the technical, industrial, and automotive sectors. The product, available in prilled form, guarantees top-notch quality for diesel vehicles and SCR systems. With a versatile range of packaging options, including 10kg, 15kg, 200kg, and 1000kg, this fertilizer meets the needs of various industries. For more detailed information, contact our sales team. Trust in our commitment to quality and reliability. For for easy communication and full quote. send us whats Ap Message +4571580861

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