27 March 2017
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Arabica Green Coffee Beans

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Packed, Inorganic
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Arabica Green Coffee Beans-Absolute balance of body and acidity with extra richness and intense black current flavor. Top Quality : Good solid beans, free from defectives, good color & style. Product : Green Coffe Bean of best Quality Grade: AAA Defect : 5% (No primary defects are allowed); Screen size: 17#, 18#, 19# and ups Screen size: Above 14# Alcoholic Content : Non Alcoholic Taste : Excellent Moisture : 10% - 12.5% Max Broken rate : 2.5% max Foreign matters : 1% Max Size : 17-18 Maturity: 100% Metals : Non We believe that business success depends upon our listening , understanding and meeting the requirements of our customers. Customer satisfaction is our first priority. We guarantee that! We look forward the opportunity to demonstration our superiority of service and quality and from a long term business relationship with our customers.

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