15 September 2016
artificial halal collagen casing - product's photo
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Artificial Halal Collagen Casing

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Company name
Qingdao Artificial Casing Co., Ltd.
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Product features
Artificial Halal Collagen Casing
Product status
Product type
Primary package
Vacuum Pack
Shelf life
3 months
Country original
Product description
1).AC-F This Collagen Casing is for filling fresh meat sausages, like dried-sausages, semi-dried sausages, pet sausages, these sausages contain much meat, very less starch and soy protein, we have caliber of 15-32mm.2).AC-BQThis Collagen Casing is for filling fresh meat sausages, like grilled barbecue, grilled linguica sausages, these sausages are cooked on charcoal fire. And we are now selling it to several countries, like Brazil, Argentina, Algeria, Thailand, Vietnam, etc. We have caliber of 15-32mm.3).AC-CSWe also produce Collagen Casings for processed sausages, like Frankfurters, Hot Dog, Vienna sausages, Cooked and Smoked sausages, as well as other emulsified meat sausages. And the caliber is 15-32mm.

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