16 September 2016
 artificial refined sea salt - product's photo
$ 1 000 / per 1 ton

Artificial refined sea salt

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Company name
Qingdao Sea-Salt Aquarium Technology Co., Ltd.
Product located
China, Shandong
Brand name
Blue Treasure
Product features
Artificial refined sea salt
Product status
Product type
Primary package
Bag, Bottle, Box, Bucket
Amount in the package
6.7 kg. per bag
Quantity available
5000 ton per 1 years
Shelf life
2 years
Country original
ISO9001:2008, ISO, SGS
Product description
It also contains other mineral trace elements including, manganese(Mn), barium(Ba), selenium(Se), fluoride(F), zinc(Zn), aluminum(Al), nickel(Ni), cesium(Cs), cobalt(Co), vanadium(V) ,iodine (I), molybdenum(Mo), uranium (U), titanium (Ti), antimony(Sb), tungsten(W), germanium(Ge), silver(Ag),bismuth(Bi),gallium(Ga), zirconium(Zr), tin(Sn)and water-soluble B1, B12, etc.. It does not contain any harmful elements and nutritive elements, such as nitrate(NO3), phosphate(PO4), and silicate(Si), etc.. The new formula of Blue Treasure SPS Sea Salt is specialize developed for the growth and breed of SPS. Specially formulated with SPS required levels of calcium(Ca), magnesium(Mg), strontium(Sr) and other essential trace elements of natural sea water. Also, more Ca, Mg, K and other trace minerals are supplemented so that can keep the enough essencial elements to SPS duing keep and breeding. Only can meet the requriments of keeping and breeding of SPS through change the saltwater mixed by Blue Treasure Sea Salt.

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