18 March
certified frozen processed chicken paws/feets - product's photo
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Certified Frozen Processed Chicken Paws/Feets

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AKTIEN-BRAUEREI Food and beverages A/S
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Bulk, Organic
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We offer accurate services, specified quality, clean packaging with delivery on time. - Factory produce, clean packaging, caution loading of goods into the transportation vessel, save transportation of goods to the shipping site. Our whole frozen chicken are specially hand Slaughtered accordingly to Islamic (HALAL) and international requirements. All shipments of our products to the ports of delivery are quality inspected with a complete custom approval policy for all goods on board insured and covered with an insurance policy. CHICKEN PARTS; 1. HALAL WHOLE CHICKEN 2. CHICKEN LEG QUARTERS 3. CHICKEN BREASTS 4. CHICKEN WINGS 5. CHICKEN FEET AND PAWS 6. CHICKEN DRUMSTICKS 7. CHICKEN GIZZARDS 8. CHICKEN LIVER Contact for more details Email : waltersmorgan2000@gmail.com Whatsapp : +4565748035

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