16 September 2016
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Coarse Salt Suppliers Food Grade China Factory,

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Company name
Qingdao Tianriyan Co., Ltd.
Product located
China, Shandong
Brand name
Product features
Coarse Salt
Product status
Product type
Primary package
Bag, Bottle, Box
Amount in the package
25 kg. per bag
Quantity available
10000 ton per 1 months
Shelf life
2 years
Country original
FDA, HACCP, ISO, ISO9001, ISO22000
Product description
Salt function in food preservation, processing: 1) Food preservation (1)Eggs can keep a long time if burying in dry salt. (2)Oil will be not only become clear but also can keep a long time if add salt when refining lard. (3)Table vinegar can keep a long time if add salt in it. (4)Milk can retain freshness a long time and still taste good if add a little salt. (5)Fish will become dry in the refrigerator, it can prevent from being dry if it freezes in the salt water. (6)Red jujube is easily bred worms, mildew in summer. It will not bred worms, mildew if the red jujube exposure for a few days, then fry and cool salt, add 80 grams salt per kilogram jujube into plastic students, seal save. (7)Bean curd won’t change to be bad if completely immersed in cold boiled salt water even a week. (8)Bread will not become dry and moldy if add a little salt in the bread containers, then put in bread and cover the cover. (9)Tomato can save a month without metamorphism if put washed tomatoes in 10% brackish water of the cylinder, cover the bamboo, press on a clean rock and place in shade place. (10)Put fresh mushrooms in 0.6% salt water for ten minutes, remove and drain, place in plastic bag, it can be fresh in three days. (11)If canned tomato sauce can’t be used up after opened, put some salt in tomato sauce surface, then pour a little oil, it can make tomato sauce not metamorphic mold and save a long time. (12)Cooking rice wine with condiment rice wine, especially in the summer, put some salt in prevent metamorphism. (13) Air dry bacon in cylinder storage, must put a layer of salt in the cylinder bottom, and then put in bacon. Each layer of bacon surface has a layer of white wine, splash some salt in the upper bacon, and cover with a thin layer of craft paper, stamp, with yellow sealed cylinder head. This method can make the bacon save a year not bad. (14)Fresh jelly fish bought from the market, don’t rub off on fresh water but put in small mouth jars with layers salt, splash a layer of salt, it can seal mouth. You can still eat fresh jellyfish after a few months with this method. (15)If jelly fish can’t be done, put it in the salt water, it will prevent from being dried and chewed motionless. (16)If fresh ginger can’t be used up, you can wash and dry it, embed it in salt tank or put salt in the bowl, so it can save a long time and keep fresh.

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