20 October 2016
dark red kidney bean( 2013 crop, heilongjiang origin, hps) - product's photo
$ 1 010 / per 1 ton

Dark Red Kidney Bean( 2013 crop, heilongjiang origin, hps)

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Company name
North Trading Co., Ltd.
Product located
China, Heilongjiang
Brand name
Product status
Product type
Packed, Organic
Primary package
Amount in the package
50 kg. per bag
Quantity Of (boxes, cases, etc)
20 ton in the 20 DC cont. (33m³)
Quantity available
1000 ton per 1 years
Shelf life
3 years
Country original
Product description
Specifications 2013 crop. Heilongjiang Origin. HPS or MC. Size: 200-240pcs/ 100g

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