19 January
diamontropin hgh available for sale in bulk - product's photo
$ 125 / per 1 box

Diamontropin HGH available for sale in Bulk

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Company name
Jona Biotechnology
Product located
Netherlands, Rotterdam
Brand name
Diamond Pharma
Product status
Product type
Bulk, Inorganic
Quantity available
200 box per 1 months
Shelf life
2 years
Country original
Shipment terms
Product description
Hello dear buyers, We are professional wholesale suppliers of Pharmaceuticals medicines, Pharmaceutical tablets , skin care products,health and beauty products,Anti cancer treatments, Human growth hormones and anabolic steroids,we offer worldwide delivery, quality products and affordable prices, we deal only in bulk supplies and shipments,we do have a minimum order we supply that doe not go below 500 dollars, anyone interested in buying any of our products please kindly contact us with your whatsapp number so we can provide you information about your product of interest. Whatsapp +31686411544 Email ID : jonathannolan005@gmail.com

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