20 September 2016
dried date - madjoul date - product's photo
$ 7.7 / per 1 kg.

Dried Date - Madjoul Date

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Company name
yousef kharmeh
Product located
Brand name
Jerusalem Dates
Product features
Dark Brown
Product status
Product type
Amount in the package
5 kg.
Quantity Of (boxes, cases, etc)
20 carton in the 40 DC cont. (68m³)
Quantity available
500 ton per 1 years
Shelf life
12 months
Country original
Product description
Packaging & Delivery Packaging Details: Bulks : 5 Kg Cartoon Box Special Packaging : 250 gr , 500 gr , 1 Kg Cartoon Box , or Special Standard Case Delivery Detail: 2-3 Weeks From the day of Agreement Specifications Medjoul Dates aaThe King of Datesaa Dates are the oldest cultivated fruits in the world and were long reserved for royal host Dates & Your Health Holy Land Dates – Jerusalem Dates Nature's Perfect Food Dates are among nature's most perfect food sources. Abounding in natural goodness and providing almost instant energy, dates are also one of nature's richest sources of fiber. Fiber is an essential component of a healthy diet: promoting healthy digestion, stabilizing blood pressure and blood sugar levels and reducing cholesterol. Naturally low in salt, dates contain 2.5 times the amount of potassium found in bananas as well as iron, magnesium, calcium and Vitamins B1 and B2. Just as Nature has provided these moist, delectable, nutrition-packed fruits, it has also provided the perfect place to nurture them- far below sea level in the hot, dry climate of the Jordan Valley. Here, in the plantations of Jericho and Dead Sea area of the Holy Land, dates ripen early, ready to ship sooner than dates grown anywhere else in the world. From here they are available, fresh from the plantation, all year round. Palestinian’s date growers, whether in the Jordan Valley, insist on some of the highest product standards in the industry. With Cooperative help and guidance, growers combine an ancient love and care of these precious fruits withthe latest in agro-technical date-growing techniques. Astorion members also specialize in organic date growing- utilizing compost for fertilization and natural predators for pest control. As members wash, sort and pack their products in ultra-modern food-handling facilities, Astorion supervises to ensure uniform freshness and quality the whole year through.Indeed, Astorion's brand name – Jerusalem Date , is among the most sought-after dates in the world. Astorion stands ready to meet the huge international marketing potential of the fruits of its labors...fresh year-round, vitamin-rich, perfectly-sweet dates from the Holy Land. Historically , sun-drenched aromatic Dates have been prized for their rich nutritional properties and delectable taste. Today, natural Dates are among the most succulent sources of potassium, fiber and other essential nutrients. Astorion bringing the values from the old history to adequate the new era requirements with the new unique value of Madjoul Dates. Increase of energy Enhance bowel movement Prevent abdominal cancer Lower cholesterol Lower Blood pressure Enhance metabolism and absorption of nutrients Enhance physical activity Prevent neurological problems Enhance blood production Contribute to muscle growth Might boost immune system Prevent migraines and other physical pain Medjoul Dates “The King of Dates” Dates are the oldest cultivated fruits in the world and were long reserved for royal hosts, also well known to be a staple source of nutrition for their high carbohydrate content and high potassium levels. Out of hundreds of date varieties, Medjoul Dates – also known as the King of Dates – are known for their spectacular size and majestic flavour. They are semi-dry, golden to dark brown in colour and have slightly crinkly shimmery skin. Medjoul Dates only grow in areas with high heat, low humidity and an abundant supply of ground water. Originating from Morocco, they were taken by an American horticulturalist to California because of their destruction through a disease that wiped them out of their native land. In Jericho, on the Palestinian side of the Jordan Valley, extensive growing of Medjoul Dates started in 2005, as a replacement to the traditional planting of vegetables and banana and citrus trees. The reason is that although Date palms need a large amount of water and require a complex and labor-intensive cultivation process, they can bear relatively more salty water than other tree kinds. Quality control All of our procedures are according to the international standard requirements for quality at the farms and packaging house. At farm the trees sharp thons are trimmed in order to protect the date fruit from injuries through the thorns sharp edges when it ripens.When Madjoul dates color started to be change from green to brown, each punches wrapped by burlap bags or nylon netting in order to protect them from insects dust and occasional rain. Most of our dates collected individually by hand, and not by large clusters then our dates collected in large plastic trays and preselected at the field tyen they are transported to our storage and packaging house. The disinfection process and preservation. The date fruits put into sealed rooms with natural heating process which not use any chemicals or methyl bromide, the dates are exposed to a temperature of 55-60 degrees Celsius to ensure 100% mortality of pests and insects. Washing, drying and selection. Date fruit are put into conveyor to be washed from sand soil and micro biological pollution by sterilized water and then dried by fans. After that they are pre selected by the skilled worker before they reach the automatic selection process which is able to identify the fruit weight and skin separation. Automatic selection ensures that the date fruit are uniform in size, shape, color, and skin separation before packaging process.

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