16 September 2016
fresh/chilled andaman coral trout fish - product's photo
$ 14 / per 1 kg.

Fresh/chilled Andaman Coral Trout Fish

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Company name
Sageer A I
Product located
India, Chennai
Brand name
Product status
Product type
Amount in the package
500 kg. per carton
Quantity available
1000 kg. per 7 days
Shelf life
7 days
Country original
Product description
fresh/ chilled andaman coral trout fish, size from 500 grams to 4kg assortment the andaman coral trout is an exotic species in the seafood industry. this fish comes from the andaman islands in india. the virgin waters of anadama makes it a sought after species all over the world. we guarantee very fresh quality and take xtra care in packing, to make sure the products reaches our customer in best quality. we can also provide gilled and gutted(G&G), or vacuum packed whole fish. we can also make assortment shipment by combining other fresh fish or fresh prawns. Note:we are currently able to export our fresh seafood products only to Non-EU countries.

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