16 September 2016
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Angela Claudia
Product located
Indonesia, Bitung
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Quantity available
50 ton per 1 months
Shelf life
1 years
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Product description
Fresh Chilled Tuna GG Tuna wrapped with sponge,packed with gel ice in boxes Sashimi Grade A 30kg+ Delivered by air worldwide www.tunacatch.com Located in the northern coast of Sulawesi-Indonesia, SIG ASIA was established in 2008. Our strategic location has since brought us closer to the abundant fishing grounds around us and access to one of the biggest commercial harbors in the area. This has not only greatly reduced our lead times but also, given us an added advantage of fresher catch. With adundant tuna landing 365days a year, this allows us to provide consistent supply for all our customers' needs. Since our establishment, we are happy to have with us a professional team of over 300 proud individuals, dedicated to delivering only the best quality and service to our customers from all over the world. With 40 years of experience specializing in the field of Tuna processing, we place pride in our products, gaining the confidence and trust of our customers. Some of our main products include; Yellowfin tuna loins, saku blocks, steaks and cubes. Through the years, we have been known as a one-stop solution for our customers’ tuna needs. May it be fresh-chilled, frozen, treated and non-treated products, we have them all, proudly serving main markets such as the USA, China, Russia, Japan, Korea, Singapore and Middle East. We strongly believe in the working relationships we maintain with our customers and hope that they will give us a chance to provide them with the competitive advantage that their businesses rely on.

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