10 October 2016
fresh dry raisin - product's photo
$ 7.8 / per 1 kg.

Fresh dry raisin

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Company name
Qingdao Sunfine Co., Ltd.
Product located
Brand name
Product type
Packed, Organic
Shelf life
12 months
Product description
Packaging & Delivery Packaging Details: carton Delivery Detail: 10days after we received your deposit 1. Size: Jumbo: 140-180PCS/100g; Big size: 180-240PCS/100g Middle size: 240-340PCS/100g Small size: 490-600PCS/100g 2. Content: Moisture<15%, Sugar>65%, Benign Impurity<0.5%, Acidity: 0.9%-2.1% 3. Flavor: Natural sweet fruity with no odors or taints 4. Packaging: In 10kgs or 12.5kgs carton with inside plastic bags. Loading 18MT(1800ctns)/20FCL, for 10kgs net weight per carton. 18MT(1440ctns)/20FCL, for 12.5kgs net weight per carton. 5. Delivery Time: Shipment in 15-25days after signing sales contract. 6. Shelf Lift: 12months from production if stored in right conditions (cool and dark).

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