24 November
grade a premium quality pecan nuts for sale/ pecan nut in shell / peca - product's photo
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Grade A Premium Quality Pecan Nuts for Sale/ Pecan Nut in Shell / Peca

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Jorgen Lindgaard
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Packed, Inorganic
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WHATSAPP +1 470 344 9465 EMAIL: jorgenlindgaard52@gmail.com Hot Sale Pecan Nuts. We have good quality pecan nuts for sale. Please contact us with order quantity and destination Product Specications Shell and Foreign Material (by weight) 0.05% maximum Meal or Dust (by weight) 1% maximum thru 3/32" Color Fairly uniform in color, notdarker than "amber" skin color Color Classication Fancy mostly golden color or lighter, max 3% by weight darker than light Total Defects (by weight) 3% maximum, due to o-sizing Moisture 2 % maximum. KINDLY REVERT TO US WITH YOUR EMAIL FOR FURTHER DETAILS ON OUR PRODUCTS

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