06 October 2017
hoegaarden forbidden fruit 4 x 33cl  - product's photo
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Hoegaarden Forbidden Fruit 4 x 33cl

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ELFI Holding ApS
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Hoegaarden Forbidden Fruit 4 x 33cl
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Packed, Inorganic
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We are German Leading and higest supplier of European Beers, We have in stock German Beers from Dark black beers and white beer of Franziskaner, Paulaner, Wolfer dark beer etc. We also have many other european beers from Holland like Heineken , From France like 1664 Kronenborug blanc beer and Belgium top selling beer. available in cans and bottle (250ml, 330 ml & 500 ml) . ready for international shipping with competitive price. container 20 feets can fully loaded with: - 2, 240 cartons x 24 cans and bottle (330 ml) - 1, 520 cartons x 24 cans and bottle (500 ml) - 1, 010 cartons x 24 bottles (330 ml 250ml bottles 24 bottles per carton 26 pallets per 40'fcl 91 cartons x 24 cans of 250ml per pallet 2366 cartons per 40 ft. dry container.

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