Buy horseradish foods in japan seaweed in shanghai,nantong from taresa xie. Made in China
17 September 2016
horseradish foods in japan seaweed - product's photo
$ 3.5 / per 1 pack

horseradish foods in japan seaweed

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Company name
taresa xie
Product located
China, shanghai,nantong
Brand name
Product status
Product type
Amount in the package
0.125 kg. per carton
Quantity available
300 carton per 7 days
Shelf life
3 years
Country original
Product description
Specifications Certifications :HACCP , QS , ISO Healthy , delicious , convenience , suitable for all age 1.This package is made by Green grade seaweed and specification: A, B, C, D (Gold, Silver, Red, Green), 2.The Seasoned Seaweed is the best quality dried seaweed with a fine processing . It's darkgreen in color giving a distinctive aroma and superb flavour for your enjoy ! 3.Our seaweed's original producing area is really reliable .Superior quality and competitive price are our superiority. 4.Our company has been committed to the development of new seaweed productions and we will try our best to serve for our clients. 5.Our products are environment friendly and our workshop is disinfected strictly . All our workers must and wear sterilized uniforms. Welcome to call us if any requirement and suggestions about our products . We are making our utmost efforts to maximally satisfy your requirement. Service hot line: 86-513-83447373 Service hot line: 86-513-83442200 Thank you

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