24 November
instant skim milk powder - product's photo
€ 2 500 / per 2500 ton

Instant Skim Milk Powder

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Packed, Inorganic
Primary package
Quantity Of (boxes, cases, etc)
910 unit in the 20 HC cont. (39m³)
Quantity available
30000 ton per 200 months
Shelf life
24 months
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Product description
Wholesale in bulk skimmed milk powder with best price Introduction PRODUCT Skimmed milk powder PRODUCT TYPE Milk Powder TYPE Dried Whole Milk AGE GROUP Adults, Children CERTIFICATION PACKAGING Bag WEIGHT 25kg MODEL NO MPI003 ORIGIN New Zealand Skim milk powder is easy to store because it has less fat content, and is less prone to oxidation. It is the best raw material for making biscuits, cakes, ice cream and other foods. Skim milk powder has certain benefits for the elderly, dyspepsia infants, and patients with diarrhea, gallbladder disease, hyperlipidemia, and chronic pancreatitis. Skim milk powder refers to the separation of fat from milk into the product during the processing of fresh milk into milk powder. Speification 1.Whole Milk Powder Moisture : 2.5% max Lactose : 36.0% min Fat : 26.0% min Protein; 24.0% min Ash: 7.0% max Solubility Index: 1.0 max Titratable Acidity: 0.15 max Colour: Cream/White Flavour: Pleasant Standard Plate Count: 50000 cfu/g max Coliforms: 10 cfu/g max Staphylococcus: 10 cfu/g max Salmonella : Negative E. Coli : 10 cfu/g max S. Aureus: 10 cfu/g max Yeast & Moulds: 250 cfu/g max Sediment Disc: (/25g)Disc 2 max 2. Skimmed Milk Powder Protein: 34.0% min Lactose: 52.0% max Fat: 1.25% max Ash: 8.6% max Moisture: 4.0% max (non-instant) and 4.5% max (instant) Standard Plate Count: < 50, 000/g max Coliform: < 10/g max (instant) E.coli: Negative Salmonella: Negative Listeria: Negative Coagulase: Positive Staphylococci: Negative Scorched particle content: 15.0 mg max(spray-dried) Titratable acidity: 0.15% max Solubility index: < 1.0 ml (instant), < 1.25 Color: White to light cream color Flavor Clean, pleasing dairy flavor 3. Sweet Whey Powder Fat : max 2, 0% Moisture : max 4% Protein : min 11% Lactose: min 70% Titratable acidity: max 0, 15% Solubility: max 1, 0 ml Bacterial count: max 50000/g Scorched particles: max disc A or B Bacteria Coli absent: 0.1g Ash: max 8, 2 % Salmonella: absent in 25 Antibiotics/inhibitors: negative Ph: min 6, 6 Packaging Details: 25kgs packaging Fiber drum outside and plastic bag inside 1-25kgs packaging aluminium bag outside and double plastic bag inside.

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