20 September 2016
japanese sushi seaweed - product's photo
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Japanese sushi seaweed

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0.14 kg.
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10000000 ton per 1 months
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12 months
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Seaweeds roasted sushi nori for wrapping sushi and rice ball 10sheets 50sheets and 100sheets Quick Detail: 1.Name: Yaki Sushi Nori 2. Appearance: dark green, dried, seaweed smell, fragrant 3. Brand Name : Yumart 4.Type: Grade A, B, C 5. Certificate: ISO, Haccp Description: Nori is roasted or dried by natural seaweed. It’s used in making sushi roll. while the dried type may be used for this purpose as well as making seaweed soup and rice balls. China has the appropriate climate and sea areas for the nori growing. There are different grades and crisp aromatic taste. > Economical > Natural >Convenient >match with sushi, rice ball >Ingredient: seaweed 100% >shelf life: 18 months > Place of origin: China > Processing: roasting > Size: 19cm*21cm Application: Nori is commonly used as a wrap for sushi and onigiri. It is also a garnish or flavoring in noodle preparations and soups. It is most typically toasted prior to consumption (yaki-nori). A common secondary product is toasted and flavored nori (ajitsuke-nori), in which a flavoring mixture (variable, but typically soy sauce, sugar, sake, mirin, and seasonings) is applied in combination with the toasting process. It is also eaten by making it into a soy sauce-flavored paste, nori no tsukudani .

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