20 September 2016
milk powder 500g - ready for the retail market - product's photo
$ 2.8 / per 500 gr.

Milk Powder 500g - ready for the retail market

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Company name
Brian Moore Sizani Foods
Product located
South Africa
Brand name
Melsi Milk Powder
Product status
Product type
Shelf life
1 years
Product description
Packaging & Delivery Packaging Details: Sachets are packed 24 in a cases. 630 cases per container(20ft). Delivery Detail: 4 - 8 weeks Specifications A fat filled milk powder manufactured in South Africa. It is packed in a 500g sachet,printed in English, French and portuguese. Melsi Milk powder is a fat filled milk powder developed to taste exactly like fresh milk. It contains 60% milk solids as well as vegetable fats and contains a powderful vitamin additive called IMMUNO T140, for optimum nutrition. It comes in a special laminated retail sachet to give a shelf life of 12 months. 500g sachet makes 5 litres of milk. We also pack in a "one glass" sachet of 23g. Our milk powder is produced in South Africa. We are looking for distributors in Africa with suitable financial means who are capable of distributing Melsi into the retail outlets in their country. We distribute via 20ft or 40 ft containers. Our capacity is 30000 tonne pa. we currently sell in several African Countries.

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