17 March
 new crop green color sweet sliced dried kiwi  - product's photo
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New Crop Green Color Sweet Sliced Dried Kiwi

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Packed, Inorganic
Product description
AFLATOXIN B1 Max 0,002 mg/kg B1+B2+G1+G2 Max 0,004 mg/kg PESTICIDE ABSENT RADIOACTIVITY FREE MICROBIOLOGICAL CRITERIA TOTAL PLATE COUNT LESS THAN 10 * 5 PER 1 GR MOULD LESS THAN 500 CFU PER 1 GR COLIFORMS NEGATIVE IN 0.01 GR SALMONELLA ABSENT HEAVY METALS PB LESS THAN 0.1 mg/kg CD LESS THAN 0.05 mg/kg SPECIFICATIONS: Color Bright green, translucent, sour and sweet with raw kiwi flavour SO2 100PPM max Total Sugar 50%-65% Moisture 14-18% Citric Acid 0.3-0.5% Packing 10kg/ctn;12.5kg/ctn or as per request Season September Supplying period All year around Shelf life 12 months,store at dry and cool place,avoid sunshine. 2.INGREDIENTS (food additives): Kiwi, Sulphite Dioxide(E220), Citric Acid(E330), Sugar,Coloring Additives(Green color:E102+E133;Yellow color:E102)

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