27 March
oxycodone,xanax,vyvanse,adderall,rohypnol pills for sale - product's photo
$ 2 / per 1 unit


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Connexion International BV
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Packed, Inorganic
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5000 unit per days
Country original
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Product description
we supply all pain killer pills for more details contacts Contact Whatsapp: +1 (719) -582-8498 Or Email:famketrading@gmail.com Vyvanse 70 mg $5 Per pill Hydros Yellows: 10/325-$4.50 each Hydros Blues 10/500-$3.50 Each 30mg IR ritalin-$3.00 each 20 mg IR ritalin-$2.00 each 10mg IR ritalin-$1.5 each 30mg IR adderall-$3.00 each 20 mg IR adderall-$2.00 each Percocet 5mg-round white- $3.00each Percs 10mg-oblong with name percocet on one side-$6.00 each Morphine-$11 each Dilaudid 8mg-$6 each Dilaudid 4mg-$3 each Xannies (White and yellow Bars)-$3.00 each Roxi 30 blues-$9.00 each-sale!! OC 80's-$15.00 each Fent pops Atiq 1200mcg-$22.00 each Fent pops Atiq 1600mcg-$27.00 each Fent Patches Gel 100mcg-$12 each vicodin-$3.67each vals-$6 each

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