23 September
phu lae mini pineapples ,fresh pineapples   - product's photo
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Phu Lae Mini Pineapples ,Fresh Pineapples

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Packed, Inorganic
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Pineapple is one of main exported fruit of Gimex Viet Nam. It is suited with alkaline soil but the taste and aroma, pineapple is often used as fresh, a beverage and food processing industry. Currently, the market is growing pineapples in the world. There are 3 varieties of pineapple to be grown in Vietnam including: Queen, Cayen, MD2... But Queen pineapple is exported with largest quantity. It is suited in the market needs and nicest taste. Now Pineapple farms have area of 100 ha, And we also league with farmers, buy their final products. Every month we have exported 20 containers over the world. There are Iran, Korea, Russia, UAE, Singapore, Japan... FRESH PINEAPPLE

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