20 September 2016
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Raw Sugar

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Company name
Product located
India, Mumbai Nhava Sheva
Brand name
Product features
Crystal Sugar
Product status
Product type
Primary package
Bag, Sachet
Amount in the package
50 kg. per bag
Quantity available
1000 ton per 1 months
Shelf life
12 months
Country original
Product description
We can supply Raw Sugar in bulk order quantity as per customer requirement Raw sugar is the product of the first stage of the cane sugar refining process, and as a result it has some very distinctive characteristics. In order to extract regular table sugar from sugarcane, two steps are required. In the first stage, the raw sugar is extracted from the canes, processed to remove major impurities, and then dried. The dried sugarcane juice can be further refined in a second step, which purifies the sugarcane even further, removing the residual molasses and concentrating the sucrose to turn it into light brown, dark brown, and white sugars. To make sugar, sugarcane is cut and then run through a press to extract the juice. Once the juice has been extracted, it is boiled and then cooled, allowing it to crystallize. Depending on how it is handled, the sugar may crystallize into a very fine, granular sugar with a high molasses content which can be sold as-is or further refined into brown and white sugars, or it can form large pale golden crystals, which are sold as raw sugar. Because raw sugar is not heavily refined, it has higher molasses content than table sugar, which lends the raw sugar a rich, complex flavor. The large granules are also delightfully crunchy, which is why raw sugar is often used as a topping for pastries and various desserts. There are some cautions involved in using raw sugar in cooking, however, as it has a higher moisture content than regular sugar, and this can throw delicate recipes off. It can also dry out, causing it to harden; keeping raw sugar in an airtight container is highly advised.

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