16 September 2016
sashimi grade a fresh yellow fin tuna - product's photo
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Sashimi Grade A Fresh Yellow Fin Tuna

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Company name
MohammeD ShameeR
Product located
India, Cochin
Brand name
Frontline Exports
Product status
Product type
Amount in the package
2 kg. per carton
Quantity available
400 ton per 1 months
Shelf life
2 years
Country original
Product description
Fresh Yellowfin Tuna Fresh Yellowfin Tuna is a lean meat but firm, with a large flake. Yellowfin Tuna has a definite flavor but not quite fishy. Fresh Yellowfin Tuna has a red color varying in shades from a dark red (burgundy), to a pale red. We will process your Tuna into steaks which will be boneless. Fresh yellowfin loins and steaks are rarely treated with carbon monoxide to maintain color. Additionally, the quality of pole and handline-caught yellowfin can suffer because the fish can "burn" themselves when they struggle as they are landed and will result in the fish having a very short shelf life. Product Forms Fresh Chunks H&G Loins Portions Steaks

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