12 July
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Sugar Cane Bagasse Pellet, Healthy Animal Feed

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Germany, Berlin, berlin
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Animal Feed
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Bulk, Organic
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Functional feed additive---Bile Acids, are main ingredients of bile, which is a series of sterols produced during cholesterol metabolism in animals. It is a complex mixture of ingredients with multiple biological activities. The component are Deoxycholic acid,Cholic acid,Chenodeoxycholic acid. Main functions: 1. Promote feed oil/fat absorption and digestion 2. Protect animal liver and gallbladder health Bile Acid Function on Dairy Cows Bile acids are the main active of bile produced in liver for all the vertebrates ,converted from cholesterol with multi-biofunctions ,like : 1 promote fat emulsifier , and active lipase in order to hydrolysis fat into fatty acids , glycerinum and monoglyceride ,what’s more , bile acids also help to compound into CM ,help fatty acids be absorbed by the intestine epithelial completely . 2 Bile acids has it’s own enterohepatic circulation , recyclable bile acids can promote bile secretion ,the large amount of bile can wash out endotoxin, mycotoxin and other hazards ,and also promote VLDL transport the fatty deposit in liver.

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