22 October
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SunFlower oil

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Company name
Product located
Brand name
Sunflower oil
Product features
Wholesale quality SunFlower Oil 100% Refined Sunflower
Product status
Product type
Packed, Inorganic
Primary package
Amount in the package
24 kg. per tank
Quantity Of (boxes, cases, etc)
5 kg. in the 20 DC cont. (33m³)
Quantity available
1000000000 pound per 3 months
Shelf life
18 months
Country original
Shipment terms
Product description
With global performance, we build our brands considering the particularities of each market, with innovative proposals that connect consumers in hundreds of countries. There are more than 3 thousand products prepared with care and security, which guarantee to bring flavor and quality to the table of all those in love with our innovations. Product: Sunflower Oil (RSFO). Type: Refined, Winterized, Deodorized, Bleached. Origin: Germany and France. Quality: Fit for human consumption, free from foreign matter, any other oil or animal fats. Color: Light yellow, clear and transparent. Odor: Neutral odor, without an artificial odor additive. Physical and Chemical Analysis Values: (The values may vary within standards) Acidity (Free Fatty Acid): 0,3 maximum. Peroxide Value (meq O2 / kg Oil) at End of Expiry Date: 8,0 maximum. Peroxide Value (meq O2 / kg Oil) at Production Date: 1,0 maximum. Iodine Value (WIJS): 118 - 141 Moisture and Volatile Matter (% at 105oC): 0,2 maximum. Saponification Value (mg KOH / g oil): 188 - 194 Unsaponifiable Substances (%): 1,5 maximum. Insoluble Substances in Fat Solvent (%): 0,05 maximum. Refractive Index (at 40oC): 1,461 - 1,468 Specific Weight (g at 20oC): 0,910 - 0,925 Soap Content (%): 0,005 maximum. Amount of Phosphorous: Maximum 5 ppm. Remains of Solvent: None. Heavy Metal Analysis: Mercury (Hg): 0,02 mg / kg maximum. Cadmium (Cd): 0,02 mg / kg maximum. Arsenic (As): 0,05 mg / kg maximum. Copper (Cu): 0,1 mg / kg maximum. Lead (Pb): 0,1 mg / kg maximum. Iron (Fe): 1,5 mg / kg maximum. Zinc (Zn): 5 mg / kg maximum. Nutrition Facts in 100 gram: Energy: 829 kcal / 3400 kjoule Total Fats: 100 g Protein: 0 g Carbohydrate: 0 g Cholesterol: 0 g

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