01 August
wet salted donkey hides -well processed - product's photo
$ 20 / per 1 piece

Wet Salted Donkey Hides -well processed

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Company name
Product located
Cameroon, Far North , Etiti
Brand name
Product type
Bulk, Organic
Primary package
Amount in the package
2000 piece per box
Quantity Of (boxes, cases, etc)
20000 piece in the Truck 90m³
Quantity available
2000 piece per 10 months
Shelf life
1 years
Country original
Shipment terms
Product description
Wet Salted Donkey Hides -well processed Available for sale is a wide range of genuine leather products. Our goods are both raw and Semi-finished. They are used as raw material in many industries. We have animal skins of various forms like Wet salted, wet blue, finished and semi finished. The variety available from our partners provides a wide supply of hides & skins . SPECIFICATION : Full substance, 100% machine flayed No ticks, no scratches, no humps Size: 10-20 Sq Ft Weight: 22kgs to 32kg Average weight: 25kgs Selection: 80% A/B, 20% C/D Male 75% / Female 25% impurity: No sand , No dust, No mud ,No foreign object, no fats and no meat Not available: No hair slip problem, No rotten Hides, No fats and meat on the Hides,No mule No Holes, No Cuts, No Reheated, Sand : non and clean from any other dust or mud. our whatsapp contact +1-662-788-1835

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