25 October
whole chicken, frozen chicken paws frozen chicken feet - product's photo
$ 900 / per 1 ton

Whole Chicken, Frozen Chicken Paws Frozen Chicken Feet

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Company name
Product located
Brazil, Wyoming > Other areas, Arthur Oscar Avenue
Brand name
Product features
Whole Chicken, Frozen Chicken Paws Frozen Chicken Feet
Product status
Product type
Packed, Inorganic
Primary package
weight and packaging: whole chicken each weight 800g to 2500g x 7-10 in a box Other parts from 2kg up to 10 - 15/20kg
Amount in the package
10 kg. per carton
Shelf life
24 months
Country original
Shipment terms
Product description
We are thorough Professionals and give priority to our clients and meet the clients’ requirements timely and efficiently. Due to our 100% genuine dealings, all our clients are satisfied and have already strong and long term relationship with us. All our products are hygienic and quality approved. Product Description OFFER FOR CHICKEN FEET: - Quality: GRADE “A” - Average weight : 35-55 grams/piece (Chicken Feet) - Average weight : 30-45 grams/piece (Chicken Paws) - Average length : 12-15 cm (Chicken Feet) - Average length : 7-8 cm (Chicken Paws) -Well washed and well cleaned -No feathers -No bad smell -No blood stains -No black pad -Broken bone less than 2% -Moisture less than 1% -Chicken feet pad retained and without damage Frozen Processed Chicken Feet ( grade A) No feathers No broken bone or bruise. Pure white, no black spot. No bad smell. Clean and fresh. No extravagant blood. Water less than 3%. Cornea from the nail removed. Unit weight:35-45grams & up Length:12-15cm. Yellow skin off. No toxic chemicals. No ammonia burns. Temperature: under minus 40 degrees Celsius (-40c) Temperature trans: minus 18 degrees Celsius (-18c) 2*10 kg vacuumed PP bags in 20 kg big carton N.W : 20 kg G.W : 20.4 kg Cartons are shrink wrapped Carton size : 35*50*19 cm

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