16 September 2016
800 g himalayan coarse salt - product's photo
$ 1.5 / per 1 piece

800 G Himalayan Coarse Salt

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Company name
Product located
Brand name
salt for life
Product features
Himalayan Coarse Salt
Product status
Product type
Primary package
Amount in the package
0.8 kg. per carton
Quantity available
10000 carton per 1 months
Shelf life
3 years
Country original
Product description
800 G Himalayan Coarse Salt Salt For Life Pty Ltd Offers -800 G Himalayan Coarse Salt About Salt for Life Pty Ltd Salt For Life Pty Ltd is a family owned company based in Melbourne. We are responsible for importing the highest quality Himalayan Rock Salt. Himalayan Rock Salt is considered to be the purest salt available on Earth just because of its crystal formation and the 84 different types of minerals and trace elements it naturally contains. The salt we import is hand washed and sun dried. We use strict regulatory measures, above and beyond the required standards, in order to provide our valuable customers with a better quality of Himalayan salt. Our products are tested by SGS, which is an international laboratoryof minerals testing. Our products are kosher and Halal certified. The SALT FOR LIFE mission is to provide our valuable customers with highest quality Himalayan rock salt at competitive prices. We also provide wholesale services anywhere in Australia. Salt For Life Pty Ltd also deals into: # Food and beverage

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