06 February 2017
fernao po - setubal - regional wine - portugal - product's photo
€ 2.25 / per 1 bottle

Fernao Po - Setubal - Regional Wine - Portugal

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Company name
Competir Internacional
Product located
Portugal, Setubal
Product features
Perfect match for meats and roasted dishes. Serve at 18º C. Drink now or store for 3 to 5 years
Product type
Packed, Organic
Primary package
Country original
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Product description
This Portuguese winery is a family winery of Fernando Pó, resulting from the joining of two families related to winemaking for generations, Freitas & Palhoça. Since its founding by Aníbal da Silva Freitas in the '50s, the winery has grown attached to the local winemaking tradition. Traditionally sold at the cellar door, it was sought by families from all over Portugal, who came in search of the best wines to stock up for the whole year. Arriving at the weekends, they used to share stories and snacks. And become friends. It is this spirit that this Portuguese winery seeks to maintain until today. Award winning products available in red, white and Rosé. Bottle and Bag in Box.

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