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09 March 2017

The price of marbled meat: what does it depend on?

Marbled meat, the price of which depends on many factors, is loved by many gourmets for its rich taste and aroma. Buy marble beef is very simple; just find a specialized butcher shop.

Marble meat price and on what does it depend on?

The price of marble beef depends on many factors. A key role is played by the breed and the age of the bull. In America, Europe, and Australia, special breeds are grown for obtaining meat: Black Angus, Limousine, Murray Grey, Galloway, and others. Meat breed, propensity to form fatty interlayers and correct fattening (cereal, herbal or mixed) - these are just a few conditions under which it is possible to produce a quality product for steaks. Marble meat price depends on its marbling. There are three key quality categories: Prime, Choice, and Select. The first category Prime is the most expensive beef. The steaks of the prime category are highly valued for their incredible marbling, juiciness and stunning scent. The cost of steaks is high, but they are definitely worth it.

The second category is Choice: steaks from the dorsal and lumbar parts of the carcass. Steaks from the back or waist have good marbling; they are quite soft and very tasty.

Finally, Select is beef steaks with minimal marbling and rich taste. Quite delicious marbled meat at a price that is affordable for most consumers. 

What determines the price of marble meat?

The price of marbled meat depends largely on the way it is aged. It can be dry and wet. The first method is more expensive, long and time-consuming, so marbled beef of dry aging is more expensive than the one of wet aging. Dry aging is the way in which the cuts with maximum marbling are maintained in a special salt chamber at a temperature of +2 for a month. Wet aging is obtained as follows: the lean cut is packed into individual vacuum package and stored at the desired temperature and humidity level for at least 15 days. The cost of beef wet aging is several times lower.

An interesting fact: the aging of meat contributes to the softening of muscle fibers so that ready-made steaks are very soft, tender and juicy. In addition, the natural fermentation multiplies its natural taste and aroma several times.

You have already understood that the price depends on many factors. But can you buy marble beef cheaply? You can, the main thing is to choose fresh quality meat and think in advance how exactly you want to cook it. For steaks, it is better to choose cuts from the back and lumbar muscles. This is Ribeye steak, Tenderloin, Striploin cut and steaks on dice bone (Tibon and Porterhouse). If you want to save money, take alternative steaks from the shoulder blade, neck, hip, and flank. A little marinade, for 3-4 minutes in a frying pan and inexpensive, but very juicy and flavored beef steaks are ready!


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