11 May
ox gallstones cattle gallstones cow gallstones - product's photo
$ 30 / per 1 gr.

Ox Gallstones Cattle Gallstones Cow Gallstones

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wettion investment lts
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Slovakia, Bratislava, mestská
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Ox Gallstones Cattle Gallstones Cow Gallstones
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Product type
Bulk, Organic
Primary package
Amount in the package
1 kg. per carton
Quantity available
2000 kg. per 400 days
Country original
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Product description
After extracting the gallstones from the cattle's intestines they have to be washed thoroughly with cold water to remove blood clots, impurities etc. After washing they are dried for two to three weeks in a dark and well ventilated environment at a temperature of approx. 20 degrees Celsius. The stones have to be moved regularly for better drying and to avoid them sticking at each other. After full drying the stones are packed in hermetically sealed bags. Stones are traded in the following specifications: 100% whole stones 90% whole stones / 10% broken 80% whole stones / 20% broken 70% whole stones / 30% broken 60% whole stones / 40% broken 100% broken stones 100% ox gall powder Text, Call or WhatsApp: +1(408)-676-7528

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