19 September 2016
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Seabuckthorn Ice Wine

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Qinghai Tsinghua Biotry Bio-Tech Co., Ltd
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10 ton per 1 months
Shelf life
12 months
Product description
Packaging & Delivery Packaging Details: 375ml per Bottle, 6 Bottles per Carton (Size 199 x 137 x 353mm). Delivery Detail: Within 20 days, depends on quantity. Specifications Natural; Organic. Seabuckthorn Ice Wine looks like liquid gold with its golden or dark amber color. The unique intoxicating characteristics are made up of a little cold temperature, an intensive contrast between sourness and sweet and a strong fruit fragrance. Seabuckthorn ice wine is seabuckthorn wine, but it is not merely seabuckthorn wine, because such sweet and full-bodied ice wine can be brewed only by a godsend opportunity, and man-made efforts cant be enough. The labors, technologies and risks contained in each bottle of seabuckthorn ice wine are in direct proportion to its quality, and the reason for ice wine to be precious is just because it is very difficult to brew. Ice wine comes from snow fields, but dont presume that it isnt suitable to drink in winter, as a matter of fact, when it get into your stomach, it will be inverted into heat energy to drive away the sewere winter. The reason for ice wine to be rare and precious is just because the harvest of iced seabuckthorn fruits are directly affected by climate, such fruits could be brewed for ice wine have extremely rigorous requirements for growth environment and climate, and they are limited to grow only in the arid soils with very high content of different mineral substances. At the ripeness in late autumn, these little sweet fruits remain unpicked until winter on purpose. The bunches of sweet and ripe seabuckthorn fruits, remaining on the seabuckthorn trees, have to go through the baptism of frost, snowfall and natural drying, and only then they can be picked by hands at midnight at the temperature between -8 to -10, when seabuckthorn fruits are naturally frozen. The iced seabuckthorn fruits after picked must be squeezed within an hour at low temperatures (below -8) and then pump the juice into fermentation tanks for brewing.

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