29 September 2016
 wheat flour - product's photo
$ 230 / per 1 ton

wheat flour

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Company name
Private Enterprise Ternoinvest
Product located
Product features
wheat flour
Product status
Product type
Packed, Organic
Primary package
Amount in the package
50 kg. per bag
Quantity available
1000 ton per 1 months
Shelf life
12 months
Country original
Product description
Wheat flour food product which is produced by grinding grains of wheat. It has a pleasant taste and high nutritional value. This is a basic product for the manufacture of bakery products. The flour contains elements that are necessary in the process of making bread, such as starch and gluten particles that give the dough the desired viscosity. In addition to the bakery and pastry flour used for cooking dumplings, pasta, pies, pancakes, muffins and so on. flour Ingredients:

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