16 September 2016
25 gallon white coral crystal salt - product's photo
$ 1 100 / per 1 ton

25 Gallon White Coral Crystal Salt

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Company name
Qingdao Sea-Salt Aquarium Technology Co., Ltd.
Product located
China, Shandong
Brand name
Blue Treasure
Product features
White Coral Crystal Salt
Product status
Product type
Primary package
ISO, ISO9001:2008
Amount in the package
20 kg. per carton
Quantity available
3000 ton per 1 years
Shelf life
2 years
Country original
ISO, ISO9001:2008
Product description
The new formula of Blue Treasure SPS Sea Salt is Specially developed for the growth and breed of Small Polyp Stony ( SPS )Corals.It contains the entire essential major, minor and trace minerals of natural seawater, such as calcium, strontium ,iodine, iron,cobalt, selenium(Se), and many others .

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