16 September 2016
food grade blue treasure magnesium sodium synthetic sea salt - product's photo
$ 1 000 / per 1 ton

Food grade blue treasure magnesium sodium synthetic sea salt

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Company name
Qingdao Sea-Salt Aquarium Technology Co., Ltd.
Product located
China, Shandong
Brand name
Blue Treasure
Product features
magnesium sodium synthetic sea salt
Product status
Product type
Primary package
Bag, Bottle, Bulk
Amount in the package
25 kg. per carton
Quantity available
3000 ton per 1 years
Shelf life
2 years
Country original
Product description
The Tropic Fish Sea Salt is suitable for growth and breeding of all tropical saltwater fish and other marine ornamental creatures. It’s the ideal product for household saltwater aquarium tanks and other big aquariums systems. The raw materials of all series Blue Treasure synthetic sea salts are selected from pure, food grade and contain all kinds of trace elements which found in nature seawater, as well as some other special vitamins and protective colloids.

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